Increase Your IDM speed with a simple trick.

        InternetDownload Manager is the best download manager right now available as compared to many other download managers like DAP, Microsoft Lightweight Download Manager, Orbit, free download manager and many others. 

IDM optimizer

           Well, we are really happy to show you guys the tricks to increase the speed of IDM. Normally IDM itself boosts the download speed by some count as said officially. But in poor net connection, we need a software to boos it up higher. IDM Optimizer, is a small utility which will boost your IDM speed by modifying some registry entries like, it will change Connection Speed, Connection type, Max Connection Numbers and some other few entries. 

         If you dont have an IDM, get the pre-activated IDM from HERE. Or, If you have an IDM, which is asking you to register, No need to download the crack, Do it manually. CLICK HERE for reading the trick, how you can crack IDM manually.!
          So, it has a simple Maximize Now button which when clicked will popup a note to restart IDM so that it can take effect. It also has a must want Restore Default button which will restore all the settings, which IDM came with. You can use that if you think that you are not getting good speeds. But the fact is you will be amazed by the speed and there will be no need to restore defaults.

Increase Download Speed of IDM using IDM Optimizer :-
1.  Download IDM Optimizer Tool, which is virus-free.
2.  Now make sure IDM is installed on your PC, as this tool will only optimize IDM if its physically present on your system. Download IDM 7.01 from here if you dont have it.
IDM optimizer

3.  Now just fire up your IDM Optimizer and than you will see window like above just click on Maximize Now and you will get a note asking you to restart your IDM do that and once restart your PC.
4.  That’s it.. Now your IDM is boosted with tremendous speed. Try to download any file or software. If you want to download Supercopier, CLICK HERE. Check out the speeds, whether they’re good or not.
5.  If you want to restore your default settings than you can click on Restore Default.
That’s it guys.. Now you are done boosting your IDM with Speed, optimized it for faster downloads have fun 🙂 and don’t forget to share this post with all friends..
Download- IDM optimizer
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