How to remove thumbs.db on windows step by step tips.

If you are windows user and if you are using hidden and super hidden files then you have a got your image and movie files folder of thumbs.db.from which your pc will be slowed down and you have to face many types of problem.

These are following steps to remove thumbs.db the start bottom and find the control panel and in
search folder option, XP
folder options
STEP: 2 select the “view” tab
folder options
STEP:3  Selct the show hidden files and folder
and click “do not cache thumbnals”and click apply ok.
show hidden files

In windows vista and windows 7 user. the start bottom and find the control panel.

2. select the view tab.

folder options
3.check the option “always show icons, never thumbnals”
and also select show hidden files and folder.
folder options
Note: You do not need to do this option to disable thumbnails.

STEP:4 Now use “Disk Cleanup” to remove all of the thumbnails from the machine.

STEP:5 windows Explorer” type in the address bar “%LocalAppData%MicrosoftWindows.
address bar

STEP:6 Right click on t
he “Explorer” folder and click “Properties”.
 In the folder’s properties window select the “Security” tab and click the “Advanced” button.

STEP:7 On the “Permissions” tab click.

STEP:8 Uncheck the “Include inheritable permissions from the object’s parent”.

STEP:9 Click the “Remove” button in the windowssecurity box that pops-up.

windows security
STEP:10 On the “Permissions” tab click “the “OK” button.

STEP:11 Select “Yes” for the “Windows Security” pop-up  
windows and go back to “Folder Options” in the “Control Panel”.
windows security
STEP:12 Uncheck the “Always show icons, never thumbnails”.

STEP:2.1 Go to the start menu “run” and 

2.2 Type gpedit:MSC and ok

2.3 After that in which open folder “Group policy Editor” 

2.4 Go to just left and side option.

2.5 Select option Configuration/Administrative Template/windows
components/windows Explorer.

2.6 And long list open in which find option Turn-off caching of thumbnail pictures
on double click.

2.7 After that click Enable and Click apply

2.8 Click ok.

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