Upgrade firmware for Huawei E5172 Router using Updater Tool

Firmware update Huawei Router E5172 – I have already explained unlocking methods for several routers. In this tutorial am going to explain how we can update the firmwares of Huawei Router E5172 which does not belong to any subversion. Huawei E5172 Router is an recent release by huawei technologies which is having an customized firmware. The firmware of Huawei E5172 router can be updated using the firmware updater tool to unlock the router. Follow my simple instructions to firmware update your Huawei E5172 router using the updater tool.
huawei E5172 router unlocked firmware updater tool

Steps to update firmware of Huawei E5172 router using updater tool free instructions :

*you are supposed to have an working ethernet or other manufacturer modem with good internet speed. 
*If your device is E5172s-22 you can proceed to unlock directly.
1. Download the provided firmware updater tool for E5172 from the given below link.Extract it to a folder in desktop for easy access and proceedings of firmware update.
2. Connect your Huawei E5172 router to you computer. It’s recommended Save and Close all programs to avoid failures or other congestion’s.
3. Now  run the firmware updater tool to update the firmware of huawei E5172 router. Wait until your router detected by the updater tool.
4.Now click start  updater button.
5. Now select your internet connection to proceed further updates.
(recommended to use ethernet(LAN) internet connection)
6.Click on open button.It is to select the firmware update file.


 7. Now locate the update file (extension of .bin). We have already extracted the files to desktop folder.


 8.Now click on start button.


9.Wait for the update to be completed


10. Check all the signal indicators of the huawei E5172 router. If all the 5 lights are up you can close the updater tool.
11. After successful update of firmware to the Huawei E5172 Router you can unlock it. To read the unlock tutorial of Huawei E5172 Router go here.

Download Firmwares Updater for Huawei E5172 Router

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