Unlock Sony Xperia E AT&T USA free instructions

Unlock Sony Xperia E AT&T USA free instructions – In my previous articles i have shown how to unlock blackberry Q10 USA network mobile phones and UK network mobile phones. Now am going to show how to unlock Sony Xperia E Android smartphone which is locked to USA AT&T network. Just follow my simple steps to unlock your mobile. Sony Xperia E AT&T USA network android smartphone. 

sony xperia e unlock

How to enter unlock code in sony Xperia E :

Most cases the unlock method for Sony Xperia E is simple. 
  1. Charge your phone fully.
  2. Remove battery and replace original simcard with other network simcard.(remove AT&T simcard and use other sim like T-Mobile, etc).
  3. Now turn on your Xperia E mobile.
  4. wait for few seconds. It will ask for unlock code.
  5. Enter Your unlock code and press ok.
  6. Now your Sony Xperia E is unlocked permanently.

In other case #987654321# can be used to enter into unlock option.

To check Your unlock counter read here :

    Before proceeding with unlock code purchase check you have atleast two unlock counters left.

    To buy your unlock code for Sony Xperia E AT&T USA contact us through email for cheaper price with subject “sony”.
    email : d.suriaraj23@gmail.com / varathakrishnan@gmail.com

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    other supported models for unlock :
    Xperia acro HD SO-03D
    Xperia Acro HD SOI12 
    Xperia acro S LT26W
    Xperia Active
    Xperia Advance
    Xperia Arc
    Xperia Arc S
    Xperia C
    Xperia Arc LT15I X12
    CMD C1
    CMD CD5
    CMD J5
    CMD J6
    CMD J7
    CMD J70
    CMD MZ5
    CMD Z1
    CMD DX1000
    CMD DX2000
    Smartwatch 2
    Tablet P
    Tablet P 3G
    Tablet S
    Tablet S 3G
    Vaio Tap 11
    MT27 Xperia Sola

    Networks and countries : worldwide unlock supported.
    like UK, USA, SFR france etc.