Unlock Huawei Vodafone K5005 4G LTE BroadBand Modem / Dongle

In my previous article i have explained about how you can unlock your Huawei E3272 Auth V3 (Authetication V3) USB LTE Modem. Now am going to show how you can unlock your Huawei K5005 Vodafone LTE BroadBand USB Modem / Dongle. Huawei K5005 is an new algo LTE modem which supports 100mbps data transfer. The modem has the DownLink upt 100mbps and UpLink upto 50mbps.Huawei K5005 is an multimode modem which will support all the GSM , CDMA, EDGE, HSPA, and GPRS networks. Now let me show you how to unlock you Huawei K5005 Vodafone USB LTE 4G broadband stick. Just follow my simple instructions to unlock your Huawei K5005 LTE modem.

huawei k5005 unlock

Instructions to unlock Huawei K5005 Vodafone Modem / Dongle :

  1. Connect your Huawei K5005 Vodafone modem / dongle to the computer.
  2. Let your K5005 modem to install the default dashboard and drivers.
  3. Now remove K5005 modem and insert a non accepted simcard.
  4. Now connect your K5005 modem to computer.Your modem will start it’s dashboard.Close it gently.
  5. Now run the 4G LTE unlocker tool.given in below link
  6. It will prompt you for the unlock code.Enter and click ok
  7. You will get message as unlock successful.
  8. All done your K5005 Vodafone modem has been unlocked permanently.
Note : Don’t try use any worng unlock codes to Huawei Vodafone K5005 LTE Modem /  Dongle. It will be locked permanently. Because it’s an new algo modem.If you need unlock code for free like us on facebook , follow on twitter , follow in google plus.

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