Unlock Huawei Megafon M100-4 Russian Auth V3 Modem / dongle free unlock instructions

Already i have posted articles about blackberry mobile unlockingnokia lumia mobile unlocking , huawei modems unlocking , iphones 4 imei / meid check , iphone 4s imei / meid check and blogger tricks. Also provided how you can purchase dc-unlocker credits using visa,maestro and master cards, how you can use your login details sent by dc-unlocker to use it unlocking your huawei modem,zte modem,huawei router, huawei phones etc ,  how to unlock kuwait wataniya e1780 modem unlock.In this tutorial am going to show how huawei Megafon M100-4 Russian Modem / dongle unlock solution for free with Auth V3 new algo unlock code.

I have got the unlock Solution for Huawei Megafon M100-4 . Just folllow my steps to unlock your huawei modem. 

Steps to unlock Mwgafon M100-4 Russian Modem:

  1. Make sure you have replaced an different provider simcard instead of default.(simcard from other network is must).
  2. Connect you USB modem to your computer.
  3. Let it to install the drivers if not installed before.
  4. After installing the drivers the modem will open the software program.
  5. Close it.please donot minimize else unlocking process will be interrupted.
  6. Now download the cardlock tool and run it.(link given below)
  7. It will detect your modem automatically and will show you the imei of your kuwait wataniya network locked M100-4 Russian modem.
  8. It will ask you for the unlock code.
  9. Enter the unlock code and click ok.

If you don’t know how to use this tool read here

Huawei Megafon M100-4 Russian Modem / dongle is an Auth V3 modem which is totally different from huawei 2012 algorithm which is said to be new algo. Eve n you get new algo 2012 modem version unlock code you cannot unlock it.so you have to get different code which is said to e Auth V3 algorithm from huawei.
The cost for the Megafon M100-4 Auth V3 modem code is $10.To purchase the Auth v3 Megafon M100-4 code contact me via email d.suriaraj@gmail.com / admin@firmwares4u.in.
Note : Donot try to unlock your Megafon M100-4 modem without Auth v3 code.If you do so it’ll be locked permanently.