Unlock Huawei K4201

Huawei K4201 is a new version of huawei modem which requires new algo unlock code to unlock it. Or it might be in need of Reset code to reset the lost unlock counter. In this tutorial i will help my blog readers to unlock their huawei k4201 for free.

 huawei k4201

Steps to unlock huawei K4201 free :

1. Remove your default vodafone sim card.

2. Insert a non accepted sim card from other network.

3. Now connect your modem to your pc / laptop.

4. Let it to open dashboard.

5. Now your modem will prompt for the unlock code.

6. Enter your 8digit unlock code and enjoy any network data connection.

Dont try to unlock your modem with invalid unlock codes that will lead to lose your unlock attempts.

To get free unlock code for your huawei k4201 modem use our huawei unlock code calculator page.

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