Unlock Huawei AP01H Japan Softbank new algo modem free

Already i have shown how to unlock different modems using different methods with the help of huawei new algo unlock code,and mobile unlocks and router unlocks. Now am going show how to unlock japan sofbank AP01H japan huawei new algo modem. By unlocking your japan AP01h huawei modem you can use any network sim card to use hassle free internet from other network providers. Just follow my simple instructions to unlock your huawei AP01H japan modem to unlock with huawei new algo unlock code. This modem can be unlock with cardlock tool which will help you to detect your modem automattically.
Cardlock_unlock_Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem_tool

Instructions to unlock your JAPAN HUAWEI AP01H modem :

  1. Download the cardlock tool(link given at end of instructions)
  2. Connect your Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem to your laptop / desktop computer
  3. Let your Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem to install the drivers.
  4. If done already allow it to open the dashboard.
  5. Disconnect internet if already  done.
  6. Now close the dashboard.
  7. Run the cardlock tool
  8. It will detect your Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem imei automtically
  9. You will be asked to enter your 8digit unlock code to unlock your Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem
  10. Enter your unlock code and hit ok
  11. Now your Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem completely .You can use any simcard to use internet.

Note : Don’t try use any worng unlock codes to Huawei Softbank AP01HW Japan Modem. It will be locked permanently. Because it’s an new algo modem.If you need unlock code for free like us on facebook , follow on twitter , follow in google plus.

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