Huawei Airtel E3276 4G LTE modem free unlock code

How to unlock Airtel Huawei E3276 4G LTE modem free unlock code with instructions – Huawei E3276 is very popular for it’s specifications that’s been launched in various countries with different network providers. In india bharti airtel has launched their 4G network years back and started selling their huawei modems that is locked to airtel. Many of the people may be interested in buying the modem and not the network usage after consuming their free active data plan. So in here am going to help the people to get your Airtel E3276 modem unlocked permanently.
airtel e3276 modem unlock
Steps to unlock Huawei E3276 Airtel 4G Postpaid modem:
  1. Download latest mobile partner and the firmware file for update.(download link at end of the article)
  2. remove all your huawei modems from your computer if connected to internet after disconnecting properly.
  3. Now run the dashboard(mobile partner) file to update your e3276 modem’s default dashboard.
  4. After the update your modem will reinstall the drivers and will ask you for the new dashboard installation.
  5. Close the dashboard if your  airtel modem open’s it.
  6. Run the firmware file that you downloaded it.
  7. enter your flash code to update your device firmware.
  8. after successful update your modem will be restarted.
  9. Now remove modem from computer insert another network simcard.
  10. connect back to your will ask for unlock code.
  11. After entering successful code your modem will unlocked permanently.

To get your Huawei Airtel E3276 4G LTE modem free unlock code got to our huawei unlock code calculator page