Unlock Code for Huawei E3531 NewZealand Telecom network modem dongle

Unlock Code for Huawei E3531 NewZealand Telecom network modem / dongle – in mu previous article i have explained about the huawei routers unlocking and other tricks. Now am going to explain how you can unlock your huawei E3531 hilink modem from newzealand telecom network. This modem is recently released by huawei combined with telecom network in newzealand. So many of the peoples will try to use this modem with other networks and will fail in their attempt. Huawei E3532 hilink modem requires unlock code to use it with other networks. Just follow my instruction to unlock you modem.

Huawei E3531 mdoem

Steps to unlock Huawei E3531 unlock hilink modem :

  • Insert the USB Stick into one of your computer’s USB ports.The computer identifies the new hardware and starts its installation automatically. 
  • When the installation is complete, the USB Stick’s web management page is displayed and the USB Stick connects to the network automatically. The USB Stick’s web management page will be automatically displayed every time the USB Stick is inserted into the computer. 
  • If the computer does not start the USB Stick’s installation automatically, find the 
  • AutoRun.exe file in the USB Stick’s root directory, and double-click the file to run it. 
  • If you are not connected to the network, access to check the device status.
  • To unlock this huawei E3531 modem goto advanced settings–>sim settings –> network unlock –> enter unlock code –>apply.

That’s it. you have unlocked your modem completely.

The Huawei E3531 requires unlock code required of new algo code or may be requiring Auth v3 code. If the required code is new algo code $4 ,if it is Auth V3 then the cost will be $10. 
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