Unlock B660 Huawei Router free code instructions

Unlock huawei e5372, unlock huawei e5170 -We have recently provided different unlocking tutorials for modems , mobile phones and router with some exclusive blogger tricks and computer tricks. In this tutorial you can unlock the listed routers along with the countries. The routers can be unlockable with the router unlocking software familiraly known as FMC router unlocker.

The following B660 Routers are unlockable: 

Huawei B660 Botswana Orange
Huawei B660 Brazil Claro
Huawei B660 Brazil Embratel
Huawei B660 Bum Chips
Huawei B660 CongoB MTN
Huawei B660 Cote D’Ivoire France Orange
Huawei B660 D.R.Congo Orange
Huawei B660 Dominican Claro
Huawei B660 Dominican Orange
Huawei B660 Dominican Republic Claro
Huawei B660 Gambia Gamcel
Huawei B660 Ghana Vodafone
Huawei B660 Ghana MTN
Huawei B660 Guatemala Claro
Huawei B660 Guinea Cellcom
Huawei B660 H3G Austria
Huawei B660 India Aircel
Huawei B660 Jamaica Digicel
Huawei B660 Kenya Orange
Huawei B660 Mali Orange
Huawei B660 Montenegro mtel
Huawei B660 Oman Omantel
Huawei B660 Philippines SUN
Huawei B660 Portugal Optimus
Huawei B660 Russia OJSC Vimpelcom
Huawei B660 RUSSIA VIP
Huawei B660 South Africa MTN
Huawei B660 Sudan MTN
Huawei B660 Sudan Sudani
Huawei B660 Tanzania Tigo
Huawei B660 Thailand CAT
Huawei B660 Uruguay Antel
Huawei B660 Venezuela_Movilnet
Huawei B660-25a Congo Orange
Huawei B660-25a Russia OJSC Vimpelcom
Huawei B660-25a RUSSIA-VIP
Huawei B660-55a Argentina Claro

How to use FMC unlocker to unlock B660 Routers :
  1. remove default simcard and insert non accepted sim.
  2. connect your B660 router to computer using usb or RJ cable.
  3. run the FMC unlock software to unlock B660 .
  4. Enter the unlock code fo b660 and click apply.
  5. your B660 router unlocked successfully.

Unlock code cost : $4. 

    Payment mode : paypal 
    Delivery time : 24-48 hrs 

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