Too many security failures in Lansweeper

Too many security failures in lansweeper:

In my last post i was writing about intel management component engine install failed, microsoft exchange server couldnot connect source mailbox, how to save command prompt output to text file, Windows 10 RSAT tools, how to get adsense approved, Alcatel free unlock code. Now i will show you how to resolve too many security failures in lansweeper error in a domain network.

Too many security failures in lansweeper, this was the error that i have faced while trying to access a domain computer. This error occurs because of port blocking or invalid username or password. Make sure that you’re a administrator of your domain. As a administrator you must be having a domain administrator id and password.


In this case domain admins have the access to lansweeper as it’s registered and able to access any of the domain system in remote. Sometimes there may be an error Too many security failures in Lansweeper. To resolve this first of all take the remote system service remotely and stop vnc server service.To connect to services of a remote computer go here.

vnc service
vnc service

After stopping vnc service you should be able to connect to the remote system using lansweeper.

Why do Too many security failures in Lansweeper occurs ?



This is because of port issue with vnc application installed in client system.

By default lansweeper connects through port 5900.

You can also change the port number for vnc service in the remote system to avoid issues like this in future.

Navigate to vnc server user mode option.

click more –> click advanced

now change the desired port you want to change and wish to connect.



vnc server port change
vnc server port change

This is how is resolved my issue with lansweeper and access and control remote system in domain.

Note : there may be issue with the username or password that you’re using.clarify once before changing ports.