Start menu app for windows 8 free download.!

If you did a switch from the well customized OS- xp or 7 to windows 8 or windows 8.1, you would have faced the problem of a totally different user interface. 
The most preferred start menu will not be there in windows 8 or 8.1 and when the win button is pressed, the tiles will be opened. This has been the major problem to the newly switched people.

windows 8

So, here’s a remedy. Start menu for the windows 8. The start menu for windows 8 can be installed by using the simple software So called Star dock.

The star dock is a freeware, which is targeted to the people of windows‘s former OS users. 



First download the software for free from below.


Double click to install it. Follow the installing instructions and wait till it gets installed.



Now it’ll show a menu after installing. Click on styles.


It can be used as windows 8 styled start menu.It will look like this.

start as windows8

If windows 7 style is clicked, it’ll look like the windows 7 style. You would love using windows 7 style in windows 8.

start as windows7

It can be easily accessed by right clicking the start icon. It’ll show options like 
  • configure start8
  • Run
  • Shut down.

which acts as a shortcut too.

configure start

The start menu icon can also be changes as flag or you can even add a custom image.
Button icon

CLICK on the download button, to download Stardock for free.!

Download stardock

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