Re-Distribute Email databases or mailboxes

How to redistribute email databases or mailboxes on exchange servers :

Why to Re-Distribute Email databases or mailboxes?

Re-distributing Email database is always occurs between two Exchange Servers normally when it comes to an point of a concern with a local domain that is running in Microsoft Active Directory. In most of the IT or non industries Microsoft Exchange servers are being used by the administrators due to it’s felxibility. As a part using a single server for Email access will be a hitch where Micorsoft Exchange Server administrators use to deploy atleast two with a NLB(network load balancing) Server. As you know NLB(network load balancing) servers will be doing their job when it comes to point of traffic management for the deployed Exchange Servers. Let’s come to the scene. When two servers were installed along with a NLB and CAS(client access server), there may be number of  mailbox database available for the user’s along with the different sizes of mail boxes.

Distributing mailboxes over servers will allow to manage the mailboxes for the redundancy. Redundancy always matters when managing large number of user’s.

How do we redistribute mailbox databases?

By default all the exchange servers will have got it’s exchange management console and powershell.

Login into any of your exchange server.

Download RedistributeActiveDatabases powershell script from the download link

Paste it into your system32 folder or navigate to drive:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Scripts and paste it here.

Now launch your exchange management powershel.

Exchange Management Powershell
Exchange Management Powershell

Paste the following code.

.\RedistributeActiveDatabases.ps1 -DagName DAGservername -BalanceDbsByActivationPreference –ShowFinalDatabaseDistribution

Exchangemanagement Powershell mailbox redistribution
Exchange management Powershell mailbox redistribution

Keep on giving yes when you’re prompted to give YES .

Yes to all won’t work where you should give yes as an option each time.

Once your mailboxes are re-distributed, all the mailboxes will be shared between your servers and they’ll be active and managing traffic outcomes.

This will avoid too much of traffic from clients that is being accessing a same server that will make congestion in traffic.

Why powershell?

Powershell always brings commands to be effective instant when they are executed.

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