Protection from cyber attack- Scan suspicious link even shortened one.!

suspicious scannerWe all know that nowadays cyber attacks are increasing tremendously,Most of them spread through links and websites. Your antivirus will protect you in great extent. But it has also many limits. Your carelessness clicks in unknown links can be cause to lose your personal information or hijack your computer. Link Scanners are websites and plug-ins for checking suspicious links and keep your security.Use Them when you have doubt about a link.

        Most of the suspicious link scanners are very good in scanning ordinary links, and fail mostly on the shortened URL’s. So, because of this bug, many people lose their personal information, even their passwords, PIN numbers, etc.,

Sucuri SiteCheck

Suspicious site scanner

Sucuri Site Check is the best Link Scanner available presently. Sucuri differs from URLvoid mainly because it can properly  handle shortened shortened URL from services such as, and TinyURL.

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