NEW Top 10 Websites of the year 2013- With Tips to increase Pagerank.

      Hi Guys, Most of you know about Alexa. It is an online tool webmasters to monitor their website according to daily page views and site performance.The ranking below are in accordance with december 2013.
      Alexa rank has been the benchmark for all the sites on the internet. Various tricks and tips has been already posted in this site. If you have not read it before, CLICK HERE.
      As by that the previous posts, the various tips to increase your page rank is as follows.

Few Tips to Increase your Page Rank.

  • Guest posting
  • Article marketing or Directory Submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Submit Feed to Feed directories
  • Submit blog to Social bookmarking sites
  • Proper SEO structure
  • Register your domain for longer period (3-4) year.
  • Don’t sell Links.

To check your site’s page rank, CLICK HERE

Rank 1

CEO:Larry Page
Launch Date:Sept 15,1998

Rank 2

CEO:Mark Zuckerberg
Launch Date:Feb 4,2004

Rank 3

CEO: Salar Kamangar
Launch Date:Feb 14,2005

Rank 4

CEO:Marissa Mayer
Launch Date:Mar 1,1995

Rank 5

CEO:Robin Li
Launch Date:Oct 11,1999

Rank 6


Founded by :Jimmy Wales
Launch Date:Jan 15,2001

Rank 7

CEO:Jeff Bezos
Launch Date:1995

Rank 8

Launch Date:Feb 1999

Rank 9

Launch Date:Nov 1 2005

Rank 10

Launched by :Alibaba Group
Launch Date:May 2003

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