NEW About the author widget for your site- with steps.

This widget has many advantages. This widget automatically adds the About the Author widget after each and every blogger posts. And also, this widget gives the blogger blog or website a professional look. So follow these steps : 

STEP:1 Login to your blogger account.

STEP:2  Go to the template tab ;Click Edit HTML –>; Proceed

STEP:3  Put the tick mark on Expand Widget Templates box

expand widget

STEP:4  Now find ]]></b:skin> [by pressing Ctrl + F ] this code in the template.

Above that code, paste this code given below : 

you can download the .txt file containing the code from HERE(size-290 bytes only)

STEP:5  After pasting the code there, we had designed an area for adding our widget. Now lets add our widget.

Now find <div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-1’/> [by pressing Ctrl + F ]

Below the code mentioned above, paste this code : 

STEP:6 Add this code onto your blogger blog template. Don’t try to edit the code [ except the codes that I had highlighted ]. Thats it..

If you need to try any modifications, please contact me by posting a comment here.