mHotspot an ultimate software to share internet from usb modems through WiFi

We know that most of the guys will try to share their usb modems or their ether-net LAN internet connections through their wifi or some other ways.Most of the result will be “FAILED“. So here am gonna help you guys to share your internet connection using your laptop computer WiFi device. You can wonder that how could it’s possible to share a usb modem or ether-net internet through Laptop WiFi. But i swear you will be satisfied with your need when you complete reading this article. If you ask me is it possible i will admit 100% that sharing internet through usb or ethernet modem using WiFi is “Yes“. Let me to explain how you can share your usb dongle using WiFi.
usb modem wifi hotspot sharing

Yeah The name is “mHotspot” which is just an 700kb in size.
It’s an freeware software that which helps you to turn your laptop as WiFi sharing router / hotspot to multiple devices that you can use your ether-net or you usb modem as a shared internet service.

How to use this software?

It’s not that much complicated to use.
Because of it’s user friendly GUI you can easily get to know what are all the functions it can do.
Install the software by downloading from the given download link.
Run it with Administrator privileges.It’ll be done default.
Now enter an Hotspot name and password to encrypt your connection.
At next you will see that an “share from” option is available. You can select your option.
Select clients that you need.
Click on start hotspot. All done . you can now enjoy your usb modem’s internet connection.
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