Make Folders Invisible within 30 seconds without Using Any Software..!!!

Guys, as you can guess with this trick you can make your folders invisible without using any sophisticated software. This is a very unusual & easy trick to make your private folders invisible to others.

A folder contains two parts; an icon and a name.
So to make the folder invisible you will have to make both the icon & the name invisible.

Making The Name Invisible:
Select the folder which you want to make invisible. Press F2 key then type ALT+0160and hit enter key. You will notice that the name of the folder has become invisible. See the snapshot below.

invisible name

Making The Icon Invisible:
Right click on the folder whose name you made invisible. Go to Properties, then go to the Customize tab. Then click on the Change Icon button. Select any blank icon there. 

invisible icon

Remember there will be many blank icons (see snapshot). Just choose any one. Click OK.

Your folder is now invisible! Now only you know where the folder is located.
invisible folder

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