Is Avast's new Program 9.0.2013 the best one.?

Hey guys..!! Wassup. Did you read my previous articles on System Must haves, Manual activation of IDM, download entire wikipedia,etc.

Now, It’s time for the much waited program update from Avast!. Is it the best one in their line up.? Lets see..

Avast released the update for the well crafted antivirus avast 9. The update was from 9.0.2011 to 9.0.2013. The avast became well popular by its antivirus scan named boot-time scanner, where it scans total system while booting up. It got good response from the customers and avast got good reputation in the recent years because of the good virus protection at a cheaper rates.

Before that, CLICK HERE to read how to check whether your antivirus is working or not. (notepad trick)


✔ Faster scanning.
✔ Everything is Good notification.
Avast- everything is good
✔ Faster operation.
✔ Good virus definition.
✔ Nice segregation of different scans and settings.

✔ Best Boot time scan results.
✔ Good user interface.

and a lot more..


 Didn’t remove .ink shortcut virus on first program update but removed it in next engine update. But the annoying thing is that, it got removed even in Avast v8 and did not remove in first update of avast v9.0.2013.
 Annoying Notification if you select manual update, though it’s Good.
I didn’t get any lag in working, but some people said they got some lag in opening the avast! user interface.

Yeah.! this is the best Avast! updated program ever, and may try to do a giant leap to the top spot in virus protection.
Finally.! if you have some other older antiviruses, just check their reviews or you may just jump to the Avast! just because of the new program version.

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