Integrate computer and android wireless.! and android
Hi guys, hope you have read my previous articles about IDM manual crackingBest chrome browser availableEntire Wikipedia free download, etc., Now i’m gonna post about the simple trick of sharing everything from your android phone to your computer.

    For that, the best app available is the airdroid version2. It simply makes your system to do almost everything on the android phone through a Wi-fi connection. (want to know how to get wifi password.? CLICK HERE).
Some of the amazing things done by the app integration are
  • Desktop SMS.
  • Sharing files and media
  • Finding the lost phone
  • Wipe out data.
  • Play sound or do lock mode.
  • Camera and screen shot
  • Phone calls, URL transfers,and much more.
Desktop SMS
                                Desktop SMS

Send & receive SMS via your current carrier from the comfort of your computer. Yeah.! this must be amazing. Messaging in your android phone through large screen, Full keyboard, navigation facilities! God.! this must be great..

Files and Media

Files and Media

This app can be used to move photos, videos, ringtones and many other files from an android phone or to the same. This is all done without a USB cable.! 

Find Phone

Locate your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely or you can even do lost mode. If you cant find your mobile, you can locate it by playing sound too.. 

Camera and Screenshot

See through the your Android camera’s lenses both the front and the rear. Or stream the screen of your Android in nearly real-time with the PC, which makes the viewing GREAT.!!.  

Phone Calls, Url transfer, Clipboard and much more

Attend calls or you can even call them back, share the clipboard content , or even push url to the Android device. Many more features are awaiting your discovery. To download the APP from play store, Click the download button below.

Download from play store
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