Huawei Unlock Code Calculator

Huawei Unlock Code Calculator Free – Year’s ago this blog was intend to sell the huawei unlock codes for its different version’s like huawei old algo unlock code / huawei new algo unlock code / huawei v3 algo v201. After years Firmwares4u intend to provide the unlock codes for free of huawei new algo / v3(v201) algo to everyone which is turned from paid to free. Here you can get you huawei old algo unlock code / new algo unlock code / V3(V201) algo unlock code for free without paying single buck.

How to get huawei old algo unlock code / new algo unlock code / V3(V201) algo unlock code for free :

Step 1:

Goto Huawei Unlock Code Calculator page.

For Security Firmwares4u enabled Google+ login to avoid spam usage on Huawei Code Calculator

Step 2:

Now click connect with Google+ button.

Huawei Unlock code calculator

You’ll be redirected to a google authentication page that requesting your permission to access the huawei code calculator.

Step 3:

Click accept button.

Huawei code calculator permissionAfter clicking Accept you will be redirected to the huawei unlock code calculator page.

Step 4:

Now you will get access to the calculator to generate your huawei unlock code for your modem in any algo.

Screenshot_3Enter your 15-digit imei in the text box.

Now click Calculate Unlock Codes button to generate your unlock code.

Step 5:

You’ll see a content locker displayed.


Click on any social button to see your unlock codes that is generated by our server.

At last you will get your huawei old algo / new algo / V3(V201) Algo unlock codes.


You can use the corresponding unlock code that is required by your huawei modem.

Disclaimer : Please note, this is designed and uploaded purely for educational purposes and to learn from security algorithm, there is no intention involved in bringing any loss to any entity connected with this.


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