Huawei Mobile Unlocking free instructions

Huawei Mobile Unlocking free instructions:

Huawei Mobile Unlocking is much pretty easier. In my previous posts wrote about Redistribute mailbox database, how to repair huawei modem, Android pattern reset, changes windows logonscreen background image, Types of http response codes and description, make system welcome on login, increase idm speed, Remove Nation zoom tool bar, How to remove thumbs.db file, Huawei modem free unlock code calculator and more.

Now i will show how you can unlock your huawei mobile phone. When you purchase a huawei mobile phone sometimes it may get locked to a specific network. If you try to use some other carrier sim card your phone will start asking for unlock pin or unlock code. Which means absolutely your phone is locked with a specific network and you need unlock code to unlock it.

Sim Network Unlock Pin
Sim Network Unlock Pin
Huawei Mobile Unlocking:

How to unlock huawei mobile steps:

  • Charge your huawei mobile atleast 50%
  • Turn off the phone
  • Replace new sim card from any other network
  • Turn on your phone your phone now.
  • It’ll give you the following ” Sim unlock Pin”, “Unlock”, “Dismiss”
  • Enter your correct Sim unlock pin or unlock code
  • Now your mobile will be unlocked forever.

To unlock your mobile you should buy the unlock code. Don’t try to unlock huawei mobile phone with a invalid network unlock code that will lead you in permanently locked to current sim network.

How to buy huawei mobile unlock code :

You can buy from me by paying 10$ through paypal or skrill or perfect money. Your unlock code will be delivered in 24-48 hours of time. To buy the code contact me in my email with subject huawei mobile unlocking. Don’t send any email by requesting free unlock codes. No refund for wrong imei or any mistake is from your side or ordered unlock code after losing all unlock attempts and left with 0 tries. Please be careful on everything and give an email, unlock your huawei mobile and enjoy.

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Supported Models:

Huawei G3501

Huawei G6608

Huawei G6620s

Huawei G7210

Huawei G7600

Huawei U5130

Huawei Y320

Huawei U8825D (Life WR)

Huawei G7210 (Kyivstar Aero)