Huawei E5577 unlock free instructions

Huawei E5577 unlock free:

In my previous posts i was writing about too many security failures in lansweeper, Exchange Server Management tools 2010, Huawei new algo unlock code calculator V201, Huawei E5373 free unlock, windows shortcut keys, Huawei K4511 vodafone modem unlock, Icon cache rebuild and much more.

In this post i will explain how to unlock Huawei E5577 for free. Huawei E5577 is an Auth v4 wireless modem which you can buy from online or local market at 200$. When you purchase Huawei E5577 it might be locked with specific network that belongs to your country. Huawei E5577 comes with many features as i have explained in my previous post. Click here to read about the features of huawei E5577 router.

huawei e5577
huawei e5577

How to unlock huawei E5577 router free?


  1. Turn off your huawei e5577 device.
  2. Remove default simcard from the device.(default – simcard from a specific network operator)
  3. Insert a new simcard that is different from the network, locked to.
  4. Now turn on and wait for the deivce to complete booting process.
  5. Establish connection with your smartphone or laptop or ipad or iphone.
  6. Goto default gateway may vary with devices.check your manual)
  7. Navigate to advanced settings.
  8. Select unlock’ll be asked for unlock code.
  9. Enter the 8 digit unlock code and click apply.
  10. All done your device is completely unlocked now. you can enjoy any network simcard from now.
  11. Make sure you’re using default apn of your network operator .


Note : For now Huawei E5577 free unlock codes are not available. but you still have a option to unlock your device from dc-unlocker.

Don’t pay for any codes that are sold online and try it in your router to unlock.They may be invalid or wrong unlock codes.

To get huawei new algo unlock code free go here.

To get huawei v201 unlock code free go here.

To get huawei v3 unlock code free go here.

For now my online calculator is not supported for unlocking Huawei E5577 modem. Soon it’ll be free.


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