How to update Sony Xperia E-dual from icecream sandwich (ICS) to JellyBean (JB)

Here am going to show how we can update a sony mobile xperia E-Dual from ice cream sandwich to Jelly Bean . We know that so many people now started using android smartphones for their everyday life for faster access to their emails and multimedia messages and much more that enhances their life instead of carrying a laptop computer with them wherever they go. So ,here you can come to know how to update an sonyxperia  e-dual android smartphone from icecream sandwich (ICS) to JellyBean (JB).for that you need the following software to update your sonyxperia android smartphone.

Requirements :

1.Update Service(Download it from the download link given below).
2.An compatible sony USB cable that comes along with your smartphone xperia e-dual.
3.Atleast 50% charged battery in your sonyxperia e-dual(recommended 80%).
4.An good internet connection atleast 1mbps of speed.
Steps to update from Icecream Sandwich to JellyBean :
Unplug your phone if it’s connected o your computer
Install the update Service software in your computer
Make sure your phone is charged as recommended
Now open the software as administrator
In default it will request you to start program as you don’t need to setup anything to run the program.
Now the sony mobile updater update service will require an internet connection as mentioned above. it’s recommended to have atleast 1mpbs wired or wireless connection.
Now you can able to see a window with multiple sony smartphone models.
Select Xperia e-dual from the right top corner.
Now you will be asked to connect your sonyxperia e-dual smartphone.
Before connecting your sonyxperia e-dual smartphone
1.       Siwtch it off
2.       Hold volume down button(volume -)
3.       Connect usb to phone and computer
Now sony mobile update service will download required files from internet (357 mb).
Do not disconnect your phone until update is finished.
After download your phone will be flashed and update to icecream sandwich to jelly bean
You don’t need to take any backup of your applications.
all the installed applications will be updated to compatible withJellyBean.
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