How to Unlock BlackBerry Z10 Mobile by using network Unlock Code

In my previous article i have shown about how to check whether a BlackerBerry Z10 mobile is locked to a network or unlocked. Now am going to show how to unlock BlackBerry Z10 mobile device which is locked to a network. By unlocking your BlackBerry Z10 you use it anywhere in the world if you’re migrating. Because BlackBerry Z10 mobile device may locked to a network sometimes. So when you are on ,your network provider will charge you much ROAMING charges. To avoid this hassle you have to unlock your BlackBerry Z10 mobile device. Follow my simple instructions to unlock your device BlackBerry Z10.
How to Unlock BlackBerry Z10 Mobile by using network Unlock Code

Steps to Unlock BlackBerry Z10 :

  1. Turn off your mobile phone if you are using it
  2. Now remove the simcard that is supplied with your BlackBerry Z10
  3. Now replace a different network provider simcard and turn on your BlackBerry Z10
  4. Now your BlackBerry Z10 will ask for the unlock code
  5. Enter your BlackBerry Z10 16-digit unlock code and press Enter.
  6. All done. Your BlackBerry Z10 is now permanently unlocked.

If your BlackBerry Z10 mobile phone does not ask for a unlock code :

  1. Open menu screen.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Now select Security and Privacy.
  4. Click Unlock Network.
  5. Now you will be asked to enter BlackBerry Z10 unlock code to remove network restriction.
  6. Enter your 16-digit unlock code  and click enter.
Note : To Unlock your BlackBerry Z10 you require an 16-digit unique unlock code. Until unless dont use any wrong codes to unlock your BlackBerry Z10 Mobile phone. If you don’t know your BlackBerry Z10 code you can purchase from us by contacting through email. 
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