How to restrict access without any softwares- with screen shots.!

If you have anybody int he house or your friends using your computer, then you gotta lock some private files from those specific group of people. You cannot hide the whole thing, coz, its a tedious process and may lead to thumbnails formation in your system.
If you have hidden some files and have thumbs.db all over your system, CLICK HERE to know how to remove it.

Leave out all those stuffs. You don’t need any software to do that. You can do it manually. This post is about doing all the things manually without software.


First of all, be clear about, which folder you wanna restrict.

Open Command prompt, or you can do it by clicking win+r and type cmd (enter).
To know more about win key’s shortcuts, read it here.

 IF Your folder, which has to be restricted is in the desktop, you can use cd desktop.

 You can see the folder which i’m going to restrict access.


 address bar

 You can see in the second image that the folder is opened and you can see the address bar, that, it is opened. Now. i’m going to restrict the folder.

 Open cmd and type cd desktop first.

 Then type CACLS foldername /E /P Everyone:N

CACLS- cmd

 Now, if you try to open the folder it’ll show permission notification and say ACCESS DENIED


Access denied

That’s it.. You have created security restriction. This can also be done by changing the security in properties.

To remove the restrictions just type CACLS foldername /E /P Everyone:F

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