How to remove last name in facebook profile

We all know that Facebook is the biggest social network which has more than 500 million users whom 50% login to their account everyday. After the number game started Facebook has started increasing their security and more. Till today security for this social network has been updated each and every minute. While signing up to facebook it will ask you for the first name and last name. Many of the people’s don’t have last name in their name or may not want to keep their last name. Sometimes people will use stylish names or their father’s name. After a long research we have found an easiest way to remove the last name in facebook. Here you go,

Removing last name from Facebook profile :

This is the simplest way which will not consume much time to remove your last name in Facebook profile.

  • you have to find an indonesian proxy address with port . Because indonesian peoples’s doesn’t have a last name.It’s also known by Facebook.
  • get one here
  • copy the proxy address with port and keep it safe or leave the tab open.
  • you can filter the search only for indonesia proxy if you need.
  • goto facebook and login into your account.
  • Now goto account settings and select language as Bahasa Indonesia.Save the changes.
  • Now you have to setup proxy for your browser.

Setup proxy for chrome :

  • Goto settings.
  • click show advance settings.
  • Network –> Change Proxy settings.
  • Now a window will open with the connection list your computer.
  • Select your current connection and click settings.
  • Now check use proxy setings for this connection.
  • Paste the proxy address and port in the fields that you got from HMA.
  • Click ok–ok (on both screens).
  • Restart your browser to take effect of proxy.

Setup proxy for firefox / aurora :

  • Pull the menu.
  • Select options.
  • Goto Advanced Settings.
  • Now click network tab –>settings.
  • Check manual proxy configuration.
  • enter the proxy and port that you have got from HMA.
  • check use proxy for all protocols.
  • click ok for all screens.
  • Restart your browser to take effect of proxy.

Remove Facebook Last Name :

  • Now open Facebook and go to your account settings.
  • Click Edit button for your name.
  • Remove the last name of your profile. use any name in your first name.
  • Click save Changes. you will get no error about missing last name.
  • Now change your language to your current.
  • Remove proxy by following the above given steps.

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