How to get adsense approved

How to get adsense approved:

Well, google adsense a dream of every blogger. But most of the bloggers always fight to get their account approved. Even though they apply for many times with a clean blog, they’ll receive message that their application got rejected. Let explain how it can be done. Getting adsense approved isn’t that much harder in my part. Let me explain how to get adsense approved.

What is adsense?

Adsense, a monetizing program that allows publishers to show ads in their blog and get paid.

In scene you should know about youtube adsense too.

What is youtube adsense?

Well. similar like adsense, a google monetizing program allows youtube video publishers to get paid for ads that are been shown in their videos that they upload and make it public.

How to get adsense fully approved?

First of all you should have a top level domain for your blog. You can purchase it from any domain registrar by paying some money to them. There are many like hostgator, godaddy, etc.(google for more)

Once you got your domain make sure you have make it work from your selfhosted blog like WordPress or Joomla or drupal or anyother open source CMS or in blogger.

Even though it’s a second part of adsense program you have to be prepared.make sure you’re prepared with your domain. Make sure your domain is new and not associated to the adsense application that you already applied for.

Here starts the trick:

  1. First of all clear your browser cookies using any cleaner.
  2. create a new gmail email id in your name that you’re going to apply for adsense.
  3. Don’t apply directly for now.You may be already tried to apply for adsense and got disapproved.don’t do like the same again.
  4. Create some videos that matches your blog title.
  5. Goto youtube and sign in with your new gmail id and navigate to videos section.
  6. Upload all the videos that you have created earlier and give all details that you’re being asked for like title,description, etc.
  7. Now goto your dashboard and navigate to video manager.

  8. Now click edit in any of your video and goto monetization section.

  9. i have got my account approved already,i am getting options as in above image.
  10. As a new user you’ll be asked to apply for youtube adsense monetization program.
  11. Apply for it. It’ll take around 6hours to get your account approved.
  12. Once you got approved go to video manager again and click on monetize($) button in all of them.

    monetizing youtube video
    monetizing youtube video
  13. Don’t get urged. Wait for somedays. Allow your videos to generate atleast 10cents.
  14. Goto adsense and fill all your details if you’re asked to fill them.
  15. You’ll see a message on top that you’re using hosted account that will only applicable for google hosted sites(blogger) and some more info.
  16. Also you’ll see an option that you can apply for your domain if you wish. Click on apply.
  17. Use your new domain name, fill all the details in the application. Don’t field that matches your previous adsense application.
  18. You’ve already prepared for your self hosted blog.(don’t forget to make posts 4times a week.overall 30+ posts to get your application qualified at the time of submitting application) It’s must to have some content to apply before.
  19. Complete all the fields and apply for adsense now.
  20. Don’t forget to paste your ad codes in your’ll see empty spaces during approval process.
  21. Give some time to google to approve your adsense account.

All done. In few days you’ll receive an email that your application is approved now and you’re partner for adsense. Your blog will be now up and running with adsense ads.

For better performance add your ad codes as i did in my site. Click here.

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