How to Flash a huawei modem using firmware update / downgrader

I have described about different unlock solutions like blackberry mobile unlocking , nokia lumia mobile unlocking , huawei modems unlocking , iphones 4 imei / medi check , iphone 4s imei / meid check and blogger tricks.Now am going to show how you can upgarde or downgrade your modem using huawei firmwares that sometimes help you to unlock your modem. In this article am going to sho w you how you can flash your huawei modem using firmware updater. Firmware updates varies with versions and models.There are two different versions in huawei modems they are firmware version and You can follow the same method to flash your modems either it may having or .Just follow my simple instrutions to update / downgrade your huawei modem.

What is a Firmware? 

The most basic definition of Firmware is the programming inside the main chip that makes the player run.  

Why firmware update required?

Firmware updates can be used to add functions, fix bugs.

Where  to obtain firmware updates?

You can get your compatible firmwares from & huawei website

Instructiions to update / downgrade huawei modem :

1.To update / downgrade your you need a copy of your firmware that suites your huawei modem.
2.You require flash code for your huawei modem.
3.To generate flash code of your modem you need Universal Master Code generator.
4.Use your imei to generate the flash code.
5.Close your modem dashboard and disconnect internet if it’s connected.
6.Now run your firmware that will help you to unlock your modem.

7.Click on next.And the firmware will search for your modem.

8.In the next screen you will get notification as imei , current version, target version.
9.Next you will be asked to enter flash code / flash password.
10.Enter the code you obtained using universal master code generator.
11.After entering flash code you will see that firmware is being downloaded to device

12.After completion of downloading programs to modem you will see completed wizard with a success mess
age and current firmware version of your modem.

You can use this same method to flash your modem for all kind of huawei modems like :

  1. B690
  2. E122
  3. E150
  4. E153
  5. E160
  6. E156
  7. E161
  8. E169
  9. E170
  10. E172
  11. E173
  12. E176
  13. E177
  14. E180
  15. E219
  16. E220
  17. E226
  18. E230
  19. E270
  20. E367
  21. E372
  22. E510
  23. E583c
  24. E585
  25. E612
  26. E618
  27. E620
  28. E630
  29. E800
  30. E870
  31. E960
  32. E970
  33. E1550
  34. E1552
  35. E1553
  36. E1556
  37. E1612
  38. E1690
  39. E1692
  40. E1731
  41. E1732
  42. E1750
  43. E1752
  44. E1756
  45. E1762
  46. E1820
  47. E2010
  48. E5830
  49. E5832
  50. E5832s
  51. K3520
  52. K3565
  53. K3715
  54. K3765
  55. K4505
  56. R201
  57. UMG 181
  58. UMG 1831
  59. UMG 1691
  60. EG162G
  61. E303
  62. E158
  63. E3131
  64. E353