How to find / know the IMEI / MEID of your Iphone 4s

Already i have posted articles about blackberry mobile unlocking , nokia lumia mobile unlocking , huawei modems unlocking , iphones 4 imei / medi check and blogger tricks.Now am going to show how to the imei / meid of your Iphone 4s mobile device. To find your iphone 4s mobile imei / meid just follow my simple instructions to do get to know your imei of your iphone 4s.

 Instructions to find / know the imei of your iphone 4s :

  1. Make sure that you are in your home screen of your iphone 4s.
  2. Now open your dial pad.
  3. Type *06#
  4. On the next screen you will get your IMEI / MEID of your iphone 4s.
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