How to delete loverboy.jpg.vbs virus- tips to keep your system safe

You people know how important it is to protect your system from viruses. But, many people do work hard to create viruses to obtain or hack some information from others. In this post i’m going to share about the hot-topic “Trick to delete the loverboy virus”

loverboy virus

So, now let’s see what’s loverboy virus.

Loverboy virus is not a dangerous virus, as it is not encrypted. It can be found/ it is usually located in ram-address $7EC00.

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  • It is a worm, so it may be dangerous to your PC.
  • Though it is a 16 bit unencrypted virus, it may also cause some serious issues.
  • It is not usually scanned and deleted by antiviruses.
  • It is shown in various antivirus programs as the security issue of this virus is severe.
Threat detected

  • It acts as a worm and leaves a notepad after deletion.
.txt file
loverboy text file
  • This is annoying, as every time you delete it, the .txt file appears.
delete virus
  • Use pro-version of antiviruses, or use a original renowned antiviruses like kaspersky, avast, etc.
  • Increase the security level to high.
  • Also increase the sensitivity to high.
  • Update your antivirus regularly.
  • Don’t put multiple antiviruses on single PC. It may corrupt the O.S.
  • Don’t use pirated or trial versions of antivirus.
  • Scan the removal devices before opening and also do a routine full system scan.
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