How to check running exchange services

How to check running exchange server services:

In Exchange Servers it’s always good to execute some jobs in powershell command as it’s easier and faster than GUI. Also using cmdlet will make sure that you’re doing what you need of. As a exchange server administrator everyone must be taking care of your exchange servers that are online and serving your user’s in a good way.

Choosing powershell is the best option as i mentioned earlier and always i prefer to do. To test the exchange server’s running services you can get the result by executing command in exchange powershell.

Executing command Test-ServiceHealth on a local server using powershell.

How to check running services in exchange server:

  • open your powershell command window
    Exchange Management Powershell
    Exchange Management Powershell command

    As this command is being used to test local exchange server services, open exchange server powershell command window in native server.

  • Now type or paste the following command. “Test-ServiceHealth” without quotes.
  • You’ll get the following response in powershell command window

    using Test-ServiceHealth in exchange server
    using Test-ServiceHealth in exchange server
  • if you get the responses as mentioned above and the second field as true, then all your services are running perfectly and no problem with your exchange server.
  • If you get Test-ServiceHealth result as false in second field then there might be a service isn’t running. And you have look into the services and resolve them ASAP to avoid the email service interruption to your user’s.

What to do if multiple exchange servers are live like DAG exchange servers, Hub Transport Servers, CAS servers.

How to run Test-ServiceHealth on remote servers:

  • Like wise above you can mention the remote server name in the command as follows

Test-ServiceHealth -Server ServerName

Example : Test-ServiceHealth -Server ExchangeN1

  • In case if you get result as required service is not running you will see the RequiredServicesRunning result set to False, and the ServicesNotRunning result will list the names of the services.

To start a remote exchange server Service read here.