How to change the icon of removable disc- add your own image.

STEP:1 Download the ICON & Go to Notepad and type 
icon=(icon name).ico 

without ( ) 

34 pixel square icon

e.g my icon name is abc.ico. So i will add this to notepad 

saving autorun

STEP:2 Name your drive in the second line.

Notepad naming

STEP:3 Specify your icon in the third line: ICON=your-icon-file.ico. If you wanted to call your drive “USB” with an icon named “usb.ico”

STEP:4 Click File, then Save As. Change the file type to “All” and name it AUTORUN.inf

saving as ALL FILES

The name would appear according to your file name. It may be USB.ico Or Myusbdrive.ico etc. But keep in mind that the names should match the name of icon you want.

icon display

STEP:5 According to your location, you can add the location between the quotes. eg. in the third line edit it like this—-> ICON=”Desktop”myusbdrive.ico (or) ICON=”Desktop”usb.ico

STEP:6 Also ensure that the autorun.inf file and .ico file are in the root of USB drive than in any folder. IF you want to have it in a folder, specify the path correctly.

That’s it.! You are done..

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