How to change normal cursor into ANGRY BIRDS cursor- With code FREE DOWNLOAD.

I hope you would have enjoyed reading my previous posts about blogger tricksmodem unlockblackberry unlockingnokia unlock, etc. Now i will explain how to add animated cursor in your blog/site.

Have You ever felt how boring it’s to have a normal cursor on non-professional, entertainment site.? Now we’re here to explain you with steps on this blogger trick.

Various animated mouse codes were already provided in this site. But out of them this is the most awaited and anticipated one. The ANGRY BIRDS cursor is an overall favorite cursor. If you like to have it in your site, we provide the codes just for you..

How to add HTML-CSS-Javascript Codes to your Blog ? 


This is very simple and easy you only follow below steps and add this widget in your blog.

Step 1 Log-in to your Blogger account.

Step 2 Click Template.

animated mouse cursor

Step 3 Click on The Template>> Edit HTML>> Proceed.

Step 4 Now find [by pressing Ctrl + F ] this code in the template:


And immediately Before it, paste this code. As the site is copy protected, you can download the .txt file by clicking DOWNLOAD button.