Google chrome's unknown offline uses in addition to online ones.

       Hi friends, today I am sharing an interesting post about browsers and as per the information collected by me. I wanna say something about browsers ? What are the uses of a web browser ? From the word itself, you will say that it is used to surf the Internet. GoogleChrome is also a web browser. But its not like that. It have many uses if you are not having an Internet connection too. But there are many other uses for that. Do you know which all are they ? If not, I know them. I will share them with you.
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In short, the main 5 uses of a Google Chrome is :

  • Web Browsing.
  • HTML or Webpage Viewer.
  • Image viewing.
  • Audio player and  Video player.
  • Flash viewer or Flash Games player.

Web Browsing
The common use of a web browser : surfing the internet. You all will be commonly using this for surfing the internet. From this you all a web browser to get your assignments, chatting in Facebook, Blogging, Google Plus and so on. But the use of web browser is not everything about the internet. It can work offline too.
HTML Or Webpage Viewer
With a browser, you can create HTML codes in notebook or any other like that and save that with extension .htm. You can see that web pages offline and also you can create web pages in Microsoft word and you can view them offline. 
Image Viewing
Yes, browser can be used for viewing images. For that you just right click on an image click on Open with and choose your browser to open the image. It will show you the images perfectly of all formats. This is an offline use.
Audio Player And Video Player
Does browser plays audios ? Clearly yes. For an experiment just open an audio to your web browser in the way that you had opened the images. You can see a seek and volume control in that audio player. In the same way, videos can be played too. Google Chrome supports all popular audio and video formats from my point of view. This is an offline use.
Flash Viewer Or Flash Games Player
Don’t you see flash or play games in browser ? You might use a separate flash player. But Google Chrome is a flash player too. You can see animated flashes and flash games on your chrome offline if you have them in your PC. This is also an offline use.
Why This Much Uses Offline ?
Do you know why
Google Chrome can be used for all these offline uses ? Because Google Chrome does all these uses when using Internet too. So it can perform these uses offline too. Can’t get it ? The thing is that, you listen to videos and audios on Google Chrome when using Internet on some sites. In this way, Google performs all these uses offline.

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