Free GIF creation sites online-with links and images.

        Hey guys..Have you ever liked to insert an animated GIF file on your web page/blogger/site for making your web project, more creative and unique? There are lots of instances, where you have to include an animated GIF images for your web page, like the one below, which is used a lot.

An animated GIF is nothing but a combined way of displaying two or more images successively in a narrow margin of time. While GIF contains only one image.

           Now the question, which naturally arises is, how to make an animated GIF image in an easy and simple way. The best solution is free online animated GIF creator, because an online animated GIF creator software tool creates your GIF image file, more interesting for your website completely free. Yeah.. Its totally free..

               There are several websites available on the web that provides such kind of tools to animate your GIF image, but among them finding the best ones are hard. So keeping these issues in mind, here we have compiled most popular free online best GIF animator or creator websites where you can convert simple GIF image file into an animated GIF image file absolutely free!


 It is a nice site, where you can create animated GIF online absolutely free. You can upload up to 10 images from your own computer and select the size and speed according to your need to create the GIF animation.
google doodle

On this site, you can upload upto 12 pictures and create an online gif animation. Here you can also select size and speed of the image for best GIF animation. For downloading just right click on your created GIF animation image.


 It is the place where you can upload up to 10 images from your own computer, even from Picasa, Flickr, etc., Here you can also select the image size and speed for creating free online GIF animation.

cat sleeping

Gifninja :
 In the Gifninja website, you can create new animated GIF, split an animated GIF too, search for animated pictures and upload movie file or multiple images file to create online GIF animation.

my space gens

 This site looks unique among the above as you can upload up to 50 images from your own computer. Your animated pictures could be used anywhere in social community and any other places too. You can also select the size and speed too for making free online GIF animation.

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