Features of Android M

Android M aka Android Marshmallow, a long waited android operating system for the android smartphone users. After the lollipop update google has recently announced that new flavour for android will be called Android Marshmallow. Though only google has released final developer preview of android marshmallow, everyone is waiting for the end user os.

Android Marshmallow
                                         Android Marshmallow

Enhancing Android Lollipop, Android M will bring the following features in too your android smartphone once you get our Android M update.

Auto Backup :

  • Android M has an automatic built-in back up appa.
  • So, After Android M update you don’t need to worry about data loss, where your data will be backed up automatically to your google drive.
  • Automatic backup has a limit of 25Mb each.
  • As a negative thing, you have to pay a lot for the data plan that you use,if you’re not using your free or paid unlimited wifi.
android-m automatic back up
Android-M automatic back up

Power Saving | Doze Mode:

  • Android M comes with an inbuilt feature that saves energy when your phone is not in use.
  • Marshmallow will automatically recognize if your phone is not used for a long time it’ll start saving energy by enabling doze mode.
  • Android Marshmallow is more efficient than lollipop where it saves the energy consumption by minimise the apps usage.

Finger Print Access :

  • This feature will allows you to logging into your system.
  • In additional, it’ll allow you to control play store access and payment authorization.
Android M Fingerprint Access
Android M Fingerprint Access


Memory Tracker :

  • Android M allows you to track the app that uses more memory.
  • You can track each app,how much memory it consumes.

App Permissions:

  • If you don’t want to share excess information to the apps like images,location,map then this feature is for you.
  • This feature will allow you to disable such functions in the apps permission list provided in Android M.

Android M Release Date :

  • For the final Android Marshmallow experience we’ve to wait till october-november, i.e by the final time of the official release of the operating system.
  • Meanwhile, we guess what the Google’s new CEO has in store for the Android M user’s.

Are you a developer? :

Wanna do circus with Android Marshmallow developer preview os? Get your sdk copy here.

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