Fast and simple chatting app free download- GTalk

Its really important when you want to chat with people with ease in low internet connection. Coz, in countries like India and other countries, where the internet speed is really low, it’s important to have a messenger for PC even in that situations. So, in this post, i’m gonna post about the new Google talk application.

G Talk


Click on the download button at the bottom to download the Google‘s GTalk.

After downloading double click it to install.

Type the user name and password of your Google account and click sign in.

G Talk login

Now, after logging invite friends with their e-mail ID’s. Once if they are invited and they accept it, you can chat with them, whenever they are online.

G Talk online

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You can now click on the profile to chat with them. the chat box will now open. just type and click enter and the message will be sent to them. If they went offline, this would be sent as a mail with hangout conversation.

G Talk chatbox

You can even do multiple conversation at once and the texts will be sent like a jiffy, as this is one of the fastest means of chatting.

While, multiple chatting, you can minimize one person’s chatbox by just clicking on the top of the chatbox. It’ll be minimized like shown below.

G Talk chatbox

Another main advantage of this GTalk is that, every time, you login, you will receive the list of mail’s you have received to your G Mail via a notification.

G Talk- mail notification

Click below to Download the GTalk for free!!

Download GTalk
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