Execute Scripts Exchange Server Powershell

Execute Scripts Exchange Server Powershell – My last few posts were explaining about using scripts to redistribute mailbox databases, thumbnail manager, and few more. You have got your Power Shell scripts that are ready to be executed but how?. Most of the time we try to execute the script where it is stored in local computer after download. Obviously the result will be nothing. Because the script requires to be executed from powershell, that’s ok but how? again. It’s simple , download the script that you wish to execute and paste in your windows system32 folder.you can navigate to system32 in two ways.

how to open system32 folder:


winkey+r->system32 hit enter.


my computer —> drive:(your windows installation drive) –> windows  –>system32

paste your scripts here.


Execute script in exchange server powershell :

make sure your powershell points system32 by default when you open powershell.

Exchange Management Powershell
Exchange Management Powershell

Now consider that am going to execute thumbnailmanager powershell script.

to open thumbnailmanager the input to powershell should be as following.


Exchange Server Powershell
Execute Script Exchange Server Powershell


hit enter then the script will be executed.

Likewise all the scripts needed to loaded into your system32 or you should change your directory where your scripts were stored.

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