Exchange Management Console Initialization Failed

Question : How do i resolve Exchange Server 2010 Management Console Initialization Failed.

This error will will be eating your mind for hours and hours and days.

You must have got your Exchange Server Management Console installed in your windows 7 computer which will fail to communicate with your server.

All you will get is an error initialization failed.

Exchange Management console
Exchange Management console intialization error

How to solve this?.

If you’re facing the exact error that you see in above image it’s all about you’re missing something about version that you installed.

Firstly, log-in in to your server and Open Exchange Server Management console.

Navigate to Help Menu. Select About Exchange Server option and check for the version that you installed.

Exchange Management console version
Exchange Management console version

Compare version of your Exchange Server Management Console that is installed in both your server and windows 7 computer.

If you find any build or version difference goto this link and find your update that belong to your windows 7 machine and matching your server.

Download the update that matches your server build and install in your windows 7 machine.

After that you can see that your Exchange Server Management Console is working fine and you can able to manage email’s, Mbx’s and all.