Delete More Than One Computer In Active Directory

Delete More Than One Computer In Active Directory:

Absolutely this post is for the guys new to the active directory. As a active directory administrator in a venture or industry, you must be managing a large number of user accounts and computer systems. In situations active directory admin may be in need of deleting a large number of computers from active directory. Deleting them one by one will be a hitch. In this post i will show how you can delete more than one computer in active directory in one shot.

windows active directory
windows active directory

Delete More Than One Computer In Active Directory Steps:

  • Make sure that you have list of computer names that you want to delete from your domain network.
  • List must be in text file to make this method work and name it as Computers .careful about the case.
  • Place the text file in your c drive.
  • Download the given batch file .
  • Run it as administrator.
  • You will see a command line window showing.
  • Command line window will show up depending on the number of computers you added in text file.
  • After some time command line window will be closed automatically, which means deleting more than one computer is completed.
  • All done, sit back and use the script every time you need. Don’t forget to update your computer list.

As it is a batch file it will not create any negative impact to your domain. so don’t worry about it.