Change admin password easily without knowing the current one!

In internet café or any other places, you would not have access to install any software’s or simply, there would be lot of restrictions. So here is a simple trick.

Be anonymous

Steps for changing windows 7 password without knowing current password:

Follow the below given steps carefully to hack the windows admin password and change it.

Click the start menu and type “command prompt” without quotation marks.

command prompt
MORE: For the ease of access, you need start menu for this trick. If you are using windows 8 and don’t have a start menu, 
Right click the command prompt and click Run as administrator.

Now, in the command prompt, type net user and click enter.
command prompt- net user

You can see all the user accounts in that computer. Mostly the owner’s name will be the administrator account. The account named ADMINISTRATOR is disabled as default in windows 7, 8 and 8.1
If you got which is the admin account, type net user adminname *
i.e.,  in this case the admin was sabarinathan and so you have to type like this net user sabarinathan *

command prompt- net user
If you type the above text and click enter, it’ll ask to type a password for the user directly.!
Now type a password. 
The password will not be shown while typing. Not even the stars will be shown. Carefully type the password.

command prompt- password
Retype the same password carefully and hit enter.
command prompt- password change

Voila ! You have changed the admin password with ease without knowing the actual password.
If this trick didn’t work for you, try this alternative trick, which would definitely work for all windows O.S. CLICK HERE to read about it.

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