Best SEO Template Of 2013 – Free Download

              When someone creates a blog on Blogger.Com then it becomes a big problem to choose the best template which may have search engine friendly, responsive layout, easy navigation and many 
other features.

 Well, There are thousand of websites from where you can choose any template but many are not for free. Many Templates which you buy, Will not be worth. Here is the best SEO Template of the year 2013.

1) First log on to and Click Template.

2) Then click EDIT HTML.

3) Here, Search For “menu1” , without the quotes, by clicking ctrl + f.

4) Type the URL of your Site’s Tab, in “#” and name of the tab in “menu1”.

5) Search For “search” and type anything you want within the quotes in area “title=” replacing TYPE AND CLICK ENTER. This will be displayed when the mouse pointer is placed on the search area.

    That’s It… Free To go.

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