Best chromium browser available in today's world.

Hi guys, hope you have read my previous articles about IDM manual cracking, Admin password bypassing, Entire Wikipedia free download, etc., Now i’m gonna post about the unknown thing, the chromium based browsers. Many browsers are chromium based and some of them are 

  • Google chrome, 
  • Epic, 
  • RockMelt, 
  • nichrome, 
  • Comodo dragon, 
  • torch, 
  • opera, 
  • Amigo etc., 

Out of them, the browsers, which are worth the try are Google chrome and new EPIC.


google chrome

           Google chrome is one of the most liked and fast browser from Google Inc. It was first launched in 2008, which is very late when compared to its competitors Mozilla which was released in 1998, firefox which was released in 2004 and opera which was released in 1996. But still, chrome became the best browser within a couple of years and Google released chrome version 1 to version 33 in a span of just 4-5 years.

       Download for windows                 Download for android


Epic Browser

          Epic browser is also chromium based browser, which is really an epic browser.!The mozilla based indian browser was first released in 2010 and the chromium based new version in november,2013. On comparison between them both browsers, both share the same points, but EPIC browser is ahead with an important note that it is a private browser and tracks other sites from tracking you. This is a gem of a feature, and it makes EPIC the indian browser
stand Unique and past other browsers.

Epic browser-indian browser
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