All indian network Free recharge trick for android / smartphone users 2014

Already i have given many unlocking solutions for the huawei modems , huawei router’s, blackberry phones and much am going to give a recharge trick for the android smartphone users. This trick works on the basis of downloading an app to your android phone which gives Rs.10 talktime for the installation of application.

Is it available for all the operators’s / networks ?

Yes, this trick is supported by all the networks in india. so you are not supposed to worry that which operator is supported for it.

How to get the talktime / free recharge ?

To get this offer avail for you , should have an android smartphone.
Internet service is required.(recommended 3g).
Open the below link your mobile phone.
It will open play store to download the application.
Install the application.
After install open and click on sign-in with Facebook.(your wall won’t be spammed).
After that select an option from the list.
click get talktime.
you will taken to new screen invite friends and earn free recharge.
Click Invite.
you can see 3tabs 1,2,help.
1.successful invites(balance will be shown),invite friends via sms(not requires sms plan.the sms will be sent from SQ server).and invite(to invite friends via social networks and your working sms plans).
2.Joining bonus  and an additional app ad.
goto tab 2 click on redeem. enter your mobile number , network ,state and click recharge / redeem.
if you keep on inviting friends by the referal link you will get rs.25 for each can redeem at anytime when you need.
You can share your link to your friends to download.
If your redeem is failed, you will get a sms with coupon code. goto paytm and use that coupon for recharge. all done. enjoy the free recharge trick of 2014.

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