Alcatel Mobile Unlocking Free Instructions

Alcatel Mobile Unlock:

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Alcatel Mobile Unlocking is easier and does not require any technical knowledge. To unlock you alcatel mobile phone you require unlock code.

Alcatel Mobile Unlock
Alcatel Mobile Unlock


How to unlock Alcatel Mobile steps:

  • Make sure your alcatel Mobile to be unlocked is charged at least 50%
  • Remove default sim card and insert some other network sim card
  • Now turn on you alcatel mobile phone to be unlocked
  • Your alcatel mobile will ask for unlock code
  • Enter your correct unlock code click ok.
  • Now your alcatel mobile unlocked forever. You can use any network sim card and stop paying too much charges.

How to buy alcatel mobile unlock code: you can buy alcatel mobile unlock code from me. Alcatel Mobile unlock code costs 10$. To get alcatel unlock code you have to provide your imei+provider id. Charge can be paid through paypal or skrill or perfect money. If you’re not sure about buying code, please don’t request anything in email. No refund for wrong imei or wrong provide id or  lost unlock counter before purchase. contact email :

How to get provide id for alcatel mobile unlock:

  • Turn off your  alcatel mobile
  • Remove battery from your alcatel mobile
  • Look at the manufacturer details
    Alcatel Provider id
    Alcatel Provider id

    Alcatel Mobile not asking for unlock code: Some models may not ask for unlock code. If you face this issue follow the below steps.

  • Switch on your mobile without sim card
  • Then type *#0000*CODE#
  • Then type *#0001*CODE#.
  • Now your alcatel mobile unlocked completely.

Supported Models:

Alcatel Crystal KR01

Alcatel ELLE GlamPhone No.3

Alcatel Mandarina Duck MD01

Alcatel Mandarina Duck MD02

Alcatel Miss Sixty MS01

Alcatel OT-090

Alcatel OT-1009

Alcatel OT-1010

Alcatel OT-1011

Alcatel OT-1012

Alcatel OT-1013

Alcatel OT-103

Alcatel OT-1030

Alcatel OT-1035

Alcatel OT-104

Alcatel OT-1040

Alcatel OT-1041

Alcatel OT-1042

Alcatel OT-1045

Alcatel OT-1046

Alcatel OT-105

Alcatel OT-106

Alcatel OT-108

Alcatel OT-109

Alcatel OT-112

Alcatel OT-113

Alcatel OT-117

Alcatel OT-132

Alcatel OT-140

Alcatel OT-150

Alcatel OT-1801

Alcatel OT-2000

Alcatel OT-2001

Alcatel OT-2004

Alcatel OT-2005

Alcatel OT-2007

Alcatel OT-2010

Alcatel OT-2012

Alcatel OT-203

Alcatel OT-203E

Alcatel OT-204

Alcatel OT-205

Alcatel OT-206

Alcatel OT-208

Alcatel OT-209

Alcatel OT-2117

Alcatel OT-213

Alcatel OT-214

Alcatel OT-214W

Alcatel OT-216

Alcatel OT-217

Alcatel OT-217D

Alcatel OT-222

Alcatel OT-223

Alcatel OT-228

Alcatel OT-228D

Alcatel OT-232

Alcatel OT-233

Alcatel OT-250

Alcatel OT-252

Alcatel OT-255

Alcatel OT-255D

Alcatel OT-262

Alcatel OT-268

Alcatel OT-280

Alcatel OT-282

Alcatel OT-292

Alcatel OT-296

Alcatel OT-297

Alcatel OT-300

Alcatel OT-3000

Alcatel OT-3001

Alcatel OT-3002

Alcatel OT-3003

Alcatel OT-301

Alcatel OT-3020

Alcatel OT-303

Alcatel OT-3035

Alcatel OT-304

Alcatel OT-3040

Alcatel OT-3041

Alcatel OT-305

Alcatel OT-306

Alcatel OT-3074

Alcatel OT-3075

Alcatel OT-308

Alcatel OT-310
Alcatel OT-311

Alcatel OT-312

Alcatel OT-3142

Alcatel OT-315

Alcatel OT-317

Alcatel OT-317D

Alcatel OT-318

Alcatel OT-318D

Alcatel OT-319

Alcatel OT-322

Alcatel OT-352

Alcatel OT-355

Alcatel OT-355D

Alcatel OT-356

Alcatel OT-358

Alcatel OT-358D

Alcatel OT-360

Alcatel OT-361

Alcatel OT-362

Alcatel OT-363

Alcatel OT-380

Alcatel OT-382

Alcatel OT-383

Alcatel OT-385

Alcatel OT-385D

Alcatel OT-385J

Alcatel OT-390

Alcatel OT-4003

Alcatel OT-4003J

Alcatel OT-4005D

Alcatel OT-4007

Alcatel OT-4007D

Alcatel OT-4007E

Alcatel OT-4010

Alcatel OT-4010D

Alcatel OT-4010E

Alcatel OT-4011

Alcatel OT-4013

Alcatel OT-4014

Alcatel OT-4015

Alcatel OT-4015D

Alcatel OT-4015N

Alcatel OT-4015T

Alcatel OT-4016

Alcatel OT-4016D

Alcatel OT-4027

Alcatel OT-4027D

Alcatel OT-4027N

Alcatel OT-4028

Alcatel OT-4030

Alcatel OT-4030D

Alcatel OT-4030E

Alcatel OT-4030Y

Alcatel OT-4032

Alcatel OT-4032D

Alcatel OT-4032E

Alcatel OT-4033

Alcatel OT-4033D

Alcatel OT-4030E

Alcatel OT-4030L

Alcatel OT-4037

Alcatel OT-3037N

Alcatel OT-4037R

Alcatel OT-4110E

Alcatel OT-455

Alcatel OT-5015

Alcatel OT-5015E

Alcatel OT-5020

Alcatel OT-5020D

Alcatel OT-5020E

Alcatel OT-5020N

Alcatel OT-5020T

Alcatel OT-5020W

Alcatel OT-5021E

Alcatel OT-5035

Alcatel OT-5035D

Alcatel OT-5035E

Alcatel OT-5036

Alcatel OT-5036D

Alcatel OT-5036F

Alcatel OT-5037

Alcatel OT-5037E

Alcatel OT-5042T

Alcatel OT-505

Alcatel OT-505K

Alcatel OT-506

Alcatel OT-506D

Alcatel OT-508

Alcatel OT-510



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  • Please help me unlock alcatel onetouch OT1013 with imei: 355566063755988
    and IMEI- 355566063976337. and with provider id: 1013x 2AE5GB1

    • Please they are 2 phones with same provider id but different IMEI

      • Please help me unlock 2 phones both alcatel onetouch OT1013 with imei: 355566063755988
        and IMEI- 355566063976337. and with provider id: 1013x 2AE5GB1

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