Add/Update Photo to Email Accounts in Local/Private Domain – ThumbnailManager

Thumbnail Manager – In my last article i was explaining about installing and resolving initialization errors of  Exchange Management Console 2010. Now i am going to show how to add photo to local/private domain email accounts that will be visible in outlook. By following simple steps, you can add photo to local/private domain email accounts. For that you must have installed Exchange Management Powershell. Working with powershell will be the greater idea, because of safety concerns.

Make sure that you have installed Exchange Management Powershell either in your local computer or in your Exchange Server’s.

Download this file : [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=5 linktext=’*ThumbnailManager’ /] is an powershell script that will help you to bring out the thumbnail manager that is available in Exchange Server.

Now open up your Exchange management powershell.

Exchange Management Powershell
Exchange Management Powershell


It should have connected to the Exchange server.

Now type the following command :


A new dialog will open with a search, description fields and an upload field.

Exchange ThumbnailManager
Exchange ThumbnailManager

You have to paste the user display name as it is your Active Directory  display name in search field.

Then click search to get the user data.

You can also pre-check whether the use having any photo attached to email already by clicking preview current photo.

To upload a new photograph click on browse and attach from the location where you have saved user photo and click upload new photo.

New photograph will be uploaded now. It’ll take 24-48 hours of time to reflect in your user’s account.

How about photo size restrcitions :

Yes, it do have a restriction. Your photo must be less than 10kb and should be in jpg,jpeg,png,bmp formats.

How to reduce/resize photo size?

I suggest to use passport size photo’s to use and edit.

Open photo in microsoft paint and resize it. click on pixel tab and enter 100 in first column,another one will be filled automatically.


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