2 steps to speed up your system in just 2 min.!!

 Hi guys. Today i’m gonna show you how to speed up your system without any software within minutes. It is important to have a few tips on speeding up your system. 

Windows OS
The benchmark features of an average system are as follows,
  • Higher than 2.3 Ghz processor.
  • 4 or more GB RAM.
  • 1 or more GB of Graphics card.
  • 500 or more HDD space.
  • Couple of USB 2/3.0 ports.
  • Good cache memory,etc. 
You can check all these of your system by clicking dxdiag in run in case of windows O.S. If your system satisfy the features above, it might be good for normal usage. 
If your system satisfies all the features said above but still cant perform faster, then this post is right for you. The two main things which makes your system perform below the average speed are
  • cache memory.
  • Browser history.
  • Error reports.
  • Temporary files.
  • Thumbnails.
  • Recycle bin files, and a lot more.
 So to delete these files and recover back the speed, just follow these steps.
DISC CLEANUP: Go to my computer and right click on C: drive. 

Then click properties or you can do it by clicking ALT + ENTER. To know more on ALT key shortcuts READ HERE.

Disc Cleanup

Then click on disc cleanup, and tick all the unnecessary files and click ok.
Disc Cleanup

This will clean up your system trashes.
Go to RUN or type WIN key + R. To know more on Windows key shortcuts READ HERE. 
Type %temp% and click enter.
Select all the files and do SHIFT + Delete. To more about the CTRL key shortcuts, READ IT HERE.
That’s it. After doing all these, you can see your system being somewhat faster. If you cant get it, watch our video below.
Or you can simply download KINGSOFT PC doctor and clean it up. To download it for free CLICK HERE.

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