100 shortcuts for windows with description- free download!

I have already posted a lot about Huawei modem unlockIDMmanual crackingIDM pre-activated 7.01 free download, etc.. Now I’m posting about the shortcuts in windows. As everyone knows, there are a lot of shortcut keys in windows, which many doesn’t know. Some of them are known to everyone i.e., some reputed ones are alt+tab, win+tab, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, etc., Some of the unknown shortcuts using CTRL key are given below.
I have already posted about various shortcuts in windows. If you haven’t read it before, read it here.

Some of the shortcuts are,

F1  key
Display Help

F2  key
Rename the selected item

F3  key
Search for a file or a folder

F4  key
Display the items in the active list

F5  key
Update the active window (Refresh)
F6  key
Cycle through screen elements in a window

F7  key
Spelling/ grammar check

F8  key
Easy selection



Click here to download the amazing 100 unknown shortcut keys in windows. Just click the download button and get to know the shortcuts and be a expert. the description of the shortcut is also explained clearly along with the shortcut.

Description of the file:-
Size- 2233 KB
No.Of pages- 7
No.Of shortcuts- 100

Download the file
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